The number of hairs on a human’s head can vary a lot between different people. Many studies have been done to find the average amount. Some studies say the average is around 100,000 hairs. But some people have more and some have less. Things like your genes, hair colour, gender and health can affect how many hairs you have. Blondes and redheads often have a little more hair than brown or black haired people. Men usually have a bit more hair than women. Asians tend to have the most hairs. But no matter who you are, lots of things like your diet, stress and illnesses can change your hair colour over time. So no one can say for sure exactly how many hairs are on any head. The most important thing is taking good care of your hair and health each day. Table of Contents The Average Number of Hairs The average adult has around 100,000 hairs on their scalp. However, hair density can vary greatly between individuals based on factors like hair color, ethnicity, gender and general health.