How To Say Handsome In Spanish

In Spanish, there are various ways to express that someone is handsome or good-looking. The most common term is guapo, which can be used for both men and women. However, there are regional variations and cultural nuances to consider when complimenting someone’s appearance in Spanish.

What is Handsome in Spanish?

In Spanish, the most common translation for the English word handsome when referring to a man’s attractive physical appearance is guapo.


Guapo is an adjective that means good-looking, attractive, and handsome. It’s used to describe a man with pleasant facial features and an overall appealing physical appearance.

Some example sentences using guapo:

  • Él es un hombre muy guapo. (He is a very handsome man.)
  • Mi hermano es realmente guapo. (My brother is really handsome.)
  • ¿No crees que ese actor es guapísimo? (Don’t you think that actor is extremely handsome?)

Bien Parecido

Another way to say handsome in Spanish is bien parecido, which literally translates to well-appeared or good-looking.

  • Tu primo es bien parecido. (Your cousin is good-looking/handsome.)
  • Ese modelo es muy bien parecido. (That model is very good-looking/handsome.)


Apuesto is another Spanish adjective that can mean handsome, attractive, or good-looking when referring to a man.

  • Es un hombre realmente apuesto. (He is a really handsome man.)
  • Tu novio es muy apuesto. (Your boyfriend is very handsome.)

While guapo is the most commonly used term, bien parecido and apuesto are also perfectly acceptable ways to convey that a man is handsome or good-looking in Spanish.

It’s worth noting that these terms focus specifically on physical attractiveness and appearance. To comment on other positive qualities like personality or character, different Spanish words or phrases would be more appropriate.

Meaning of Handsome in Spanish

Meaning of Handsome in Spanish

The English word handsome typically refers to a man who is attractive, well-built, and has pleasant facial features. In Spanish, the equivalent term is guapo, which carries a similar connotation of physical attractiveness and good looks. Read More

Translating Handsome to Spanish

Here are some common Spanish translations for handsome:

  • Guapo: This is the most widely used term to describe a handsome man.
  • Bien parecido: Literally meaning well-appearing, this phrase is another way to say someone is good-looking.
  • Apuesto: While not as common as guapo, this term also means handsome or attractive.

Regional differences

It’s important to note that the use of these terms can vary slightly across different Spanish-speaking regions and cultures. For example, in some areas, guapo might be more commonly used to describe someone’s personality or character rather than their physical appearance.

How to Say Handsome in Spanish: Sample Sentences

  • Él es un hombre muy guapo. (He is a very handsome man.)
  • Mi hermano es bien parecido. (My brother is good-looking.)
  • ¡Qué apuesto estás hoy! (You look so handsome today!)

How do you compliment a boy in Spanish?

To compliment a boy or young man in Spanish, you can use phrases like:

  • Eres muy guapo. (You are very handsome.)
  • Tienes unos ojos preciosos. (You have beautiful eyes.)
  • Eres un chico encantador. (You are a charming boy.)

Additionally, you can compliment specific features or attributes, such as:

  • Tienes una sonrisa hermosa. (You have a beautiful smile.)
  • Eres muy atlético. (You are very athletic.)
  • Tienes un gran sentido del humor. (You have a great sense of humor.)

What is the Spanish name of handsome?

The most common Spanish name or word used to describe a handsome man is guapo. It’s a widely recognized and understood term across Spanish-speaking regions. Read More

How do you call a handsome guy?

Here are some ways to refer to a handsome guy in Spanish:

  • Guapo (Handsome)
  • Bien parecido (Good-looking)
  • Apuesto (Attractive)
  • Galán (Stud or hunk)
  • Bombón (Hottie or eye-candy, informal)

Additionally, you can use phrases like:

  • Ese chico es un verdadero monumento. (That guy is a real hunk.)
  • Es un hombre muy atractivo. (He is a very attractive man.)

What is a slang word for handsome?

In Spanish slang, there are several informal terms used to describe someone as handsome or good-looking:

  • Buenorro/a: Derived from “bueno” (good) and “orro/a” (slang for physically attractive).
  • Bomba: Literally meaning “bomb,” used to refer to someone as a bombshell or extremely attractive.
  • Papacito/a: A term of endearment meaning “little cute one,” often used to compliment someone’s looks.
  • Churro: Slang for a physically attractive person, particularly used in Spain.

It’s important to note that slang terms can vary across regions and may not be appropriate in all contexts or social situations.

Does bonito mean handsome?

No, the Spanish word bonito does not directly translate to “handsome” when referring to a person’s appearance. Bonito means pretty or beautiful and is typically used to describe things, places, or occasionally women, but not necessarily men.

To describe a handsome man in Spanish, you would use words like guapo, bien parecido, or apuesto as mentioned earlier.

What is Bonita in Japan?

In Japanese, the word bonita is not a native term. It’s likely a borrowing or adaptation of the Spanish word bonita, which means pretty or beautiful.

In Japanese, the word kirei (綺麗) is more commonly used to describe someone or something as beautiful or pretty.

Can I call a girl bonita?

Yes, you can absolutely use the word “bonita” to describe a girl or woman as beautiful or pretty in Spanish.

Some examples:

  • Eres muy bonita. (You are very beautiful/pretty.)
  • Tienes una sonrisa bonita. (You have a beautiful/pretty smile.)
  • Tu amiga es una chica bonita. (Your friend is a beautiful/pretty girl.)

It’s a common and appropriate way to compliment a girl or woman’s physical appearance in Spanish.

What does Bella Bonita mean?

Bella Bonita is a phrase that combines the Spanish word bella (beautiful) and the Italian word bonita (pretty). It’s a way to describe someone as stunningly beautiful or exquisitely pretty.

While bonita is a Spanish word, the repetition of bella and bonita together creates a emphasis on the person’s beauty and attractiveness.

Here are some examples:

  • Eres una bella bonita. (You are a stunningly beautiful woman.)
  • ¡Qué bella bonita es ella! (How stunningly beautiful she is!)
  • Mi novia es una verdadera bella bonita. (My girlfriend is a truly stunningly beautiful woman.)

The phrase bella bonita is often used as a compliment to highlight someone’s exceptional physical beauty and charm.


The most common way to say handsome in Spanish when referring to a man’s attractive physical appearance is guapo. This widely used adjective explicitly describes a man as good-looking, with pleasant facial features and an appealing overall appearance. For example, you could say Él es un hombre muy guapo to express He is a very handsome man.

While bien parecido (good-looking) and apuesto (attractive) can also convey handsomeness, guapo is the most direct Spanish translation. However, it’s important to note that these terms focus solely on outward looks and appearance rather than inner qualities like personality or character.

The nuances of using guapo versus other options can also vary slightly across different Spanish-speaking regions and cultures. But in general, this term allows Spanish speakers to clearly compliment when a man is viewed as physically handsome

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