How Much Does it Cost For Hair Extensions?

The cost of hair extensions can vary widely depending on the type, but on average customers can expect to pay between $900-$2000 per year to maintain them. Permanent extensions installed at a salon usually range from $600-$1000 for the initial set with additional $150-$300 touch-ups every 6-8 weeks.

Semi-permanent options like tape-ins cost $300-$600 to install and $150-$300 every 4-6 weeks to re-attach, totaling $900-$1800 per year. Keratin fusion extensions are $400-$800 to install initially and $150-$300 for rebonding every 4-6 weeks, averaging $1000-$2000 annually. 

Sew-in weaves are $300-$800 to attach and $150-$350 for reattachment every 2-4 weeks, generally $900-$2000 per year altogether. Additional costs like styling products, color services, travel and potential repairs should also be budgeted. However, doing research, shopping around for experienced stylists, considering package deals, and purchasing hair online can all help save money on the overall price of maintaining beautiful hair extensions each year.

How much are permanent hair extensions At The Salon?

Permanent hair extensions involve bonding synthetic or human hair onto the natural hair using heat, glue, or chemical bonding methods. This type of hair extension is the most expensive as it requires a specialized technician to perform the bonding procedure. Typically, the average cost of permanent hair extensions done at a salon ranges from $300 to $1000 or more depending on the length and fullness of extensions needed.

Some key factors that influence the price include:

  • Hair Type – Human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic.
  • Technique – Chemical bonding is more expensive than fusion bonding or thermal fusion.
  • Stylist Experience – More experienced stylists command higher rates.
  • Service Location – Salons in major cities tend to be more expensive.
  • Hair Length – Longer hair requires more weft/bundles and time to install.

On average, a full head of medium-length (butt-length) permanent hair extensions done with human hair and a mid-range bonding technique would cost $600-800 at a reputable salon. This does not include maintenance touch-ups every 6-8 weeks as hair grows out which is additional.

How much are Tape-In hair extensions?

How much are Tape-In hair extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions are a semi-permanent option where wefts of hair are attached to the natural hair using very fine surgical tape. They generally last 4-6 weeks before needing to be retaped. This method is less damaging than other options. Tape-ins typically cost $300-600 for a full set depending on hair type and length at a salon. Re-taping every month would add another $150-300 annually to maintain them.

Total cost of tape in hair extensions over in 1 year

To estimate the total yearly cost of maintaining tape-in hair extensions:

  • Initial Set (Installation) – $300-600
  • Retaping every 4-6 weeks – $150-300 per retaping
  • Assuming 4 retapings needed per year
  • Total for retaping = $150-300 x 4 = $600-1200
  • Total cost for the year = Initial set + Total retaping
    = $300-600 + $600-1200
    = $900-1800

So the average total cost to get and maintain a full set of tape-in hair extensions through regular salon retapings is between $900-1800 per year. This makes tape-ins a more affordable semi-permanent option compared to other methods.

How much are Keratin Fusion hair extensions?

Keratin fusion hair extensions are another semi-permanent option where synthetic hair wefts are heat-bonded directly to the natural hair using a keratin treatment solution. This results in extensions that last 4-6 weeks. At a salon, keratin fusion installations typically cost $400-800 depending on hair type and length used. Rebonding is required every 4-6 weeks at around $150-300 each time.

Total cost of keratin fusion hair extensions over in 1 year

To estimate the total yearly cost of keratin fusion extensions:

  • Initial Set (Installation) – $400-800
  • Rebonding every 4-6 weeks – $150-300 per rebonding
  • Assuming 4 rebondings needed per year
  • Total for rebonding = $150-300 x 4 = $600-1200
  • Total cost for the year = Initial set + Total rebonding
    = $400-800 + $600-1200
    = $1000-2000

So on average, keratin fusion hair extensions will cost $1000-2000 annually when factoring in the initial installation and regular salon maintenance rebonding appointments needed to upkeep them every 4-6 weeks.

How much are Sew in/Weave hair extensions?

Sew-in or weave hair extensions involve individually attaching synthetic or human hair strands/tracks to braided or tied sections of natural hair using tiny threads or beads. This is one of the most popular semi-permanent methods. At a salon, sew-in installation usually ranges from $300-800 depending on hair type and quantity used. They last 2-4 weeks before a scalp treatment and reattachment is needed at $150-350.

The Average Cost of Hair Extensions

The Average Cost of Hair Extensions

To summarise the average costs of the main types of hair extensions:

  • Permanent Hair Extensions: $600-1000 for installation, $150-300 for maintenance touch-ups every 6-8 weeks
  • Tape-In Extensions: $300-600 for installation, $150-300 for re-taping every 4-6 weeks
  • Keratin Fusion Extensions: $400-800 for installation, $150-300 for rebonding every 4-6 weeks
  • Sew-In Extensions: $300-800 for installation, $150-350 for reattachment every 2-4 weeks

On average, the total yearly costs including regular maintenance appointments are:

  • Permanent Extensions: $1200-2400
  • Tape-Ins: $900-1800
  • Keratin Fusion: $1000-2000
  • Sew-Ins: $900-2000

So the most affordable options are tape-ins and sew-ins, while permanent extensions have the highest overall costs due to more involved installation and ongoing maintenance needs.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Hair Extensions

Several factors influence the overall price of hair extensions:

  • Hair Type – Human hair is more expensive than synthetic.
  • Technique – More complex techniques like permanent bonding cost more.
  • Hair Length – Longer lengths require more hair and more time for installation.
  • Stylist Experience – More experienced stylists have higher rates.
  • Salon Location – Rates tend to be higher in major metro areas.
  • Density – Thinker, fuller extensions need more hair and time to install.
  • Quality of Hair – Higher graded, unprocessed hair is more expensive.
  • Additional Services – Blowouts, coloring, etc. can add to the overall cost.

Getting multiple quotes factoring in these elements will help determine average rates for your specific hair extension needs. Cheaper options may compromise quality, longevity or convenience in the long run.

Additional Costs Associated with Hair Extensions

Additional Costs Associated with Hair Extensions

While installation and maintenance make up the bulk of hair extension costs, there are some additional expenses to be aware of:

  • Products – Shampoos, conditioners and specific hair extension care items are needed for upkeep.
  • styling – Additional time and tools are needed to blow dry, curl and straighten extensions.
  • Color Touch-ups – Extensions may need color matching or lightening over time as roots grow out.
  • Damage/Repairs – Broken, knotted or tangled strands may need replacing.
  • Travel Expenses – Returning to the same stylist requires travel time and costs.
  • Tax/Gratuity – Most salons charge tax and expect 10-20% tip on services.

Budgeting $50-100 per month for extra products, tools and potential touch-ups/repairs is a good estimate of ongoing accessory costs when maintaining extensions.

How to Get the Best Price for Your Hair Extensions

There are a few things you can do to help get the most affordable rates for your hair extensions:

Do Your Research

Shop around to multiple salons to compare prices and styles. Look at reviews online to find experienced stylists charging fair prices for good work. Ask about package deals that may save 10-20% on multiple services.

Choose an Experienced Stylist

More skilled stylists tend to charge higher rates but will save you money in the long run. Their quick, neat work means less time spent and less risk of damage requiring expensive repeat visits. Check credentials and portfolio photos.

Consider Package Deals

Many salons offer bundled service packages that provide a discount versus paying a la carte. For example, getting extensions installed and colored in one sitting. Or prepaying for multiple maintenance visits upfront.

Ask About Payment Plans

Salons sometimes allow dividing total costs into interest-free monthly payments. This spreads out-of-pocket costs over several months like a personal loan. Inquire about available financing options.

Shop Slow Periods

Salon rates may drop 10-20% on weekdays versus weekends or during slow seasons when business is lower. Consider non-holiday Mondays through Wednesdays for potential discounts.

Buy Hair Online

It’s possible to find quality synthetic or human hair extensions at substantial savings on websites versus salons. Consider DIY or specialist installation for big savings but more risk if not trained.

Buy in Bulk

Some extension stylists offer bulk rate discounts for those purchasing a year’s worth of hair upfront. This pre-commitment guarantees their business while lowering monthly costs.


Hair extensions can be a fun and affordable way to achieve longer, fuller looking hair with the right expectations and preparation. While the initial investment may seem high, many women find that semi-permanent options like tape-ins or keratin bonds provide the look they desire for months at a time for under $2000 annually when factoring in regular maintenance. Doing research to understand average costs, 

Shopping around for experienced stylists, considering package deals or payment plans, and learning simple caring tips can all help maximize value and minimize expenses over the long term. When budgeted appropriately, hair extensions offer a low-maintenance solution for adding glamorous length and volume to any hairstyle. With the right stylist, high quality hair and proper care, women can enjoy beautiful extensions for years to come.

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